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The silver bullion spot price is the defacto standard base per ounce price of silver. It is recognized worldwide and is very volatile compared to the other precious metals. You can see the current spot price on the graphs at the bottom of this page. The spot price is the current market price of a commodity, in this case silver bullion. It fluctuates throughout the day, and silver bullion is known to have a very volatile spot price. But over the past decade it has steadily been an upward trend and is showing no sign of heading downward.

Silver On The Rise

The silver bullion spot price, like other commodities, goes up in value when inflation is rampant, and lately with the US printing more and more money with no concern with destroying the dollar is sending commodities through the roof. I predict it will only continue since we are now at the point of borrowing to just pay mostly interest on the principal deficit.

Why Should You Buy?

Be sure to check out our Gold versus Silver section to see why you should consider protecting your wealth with silver bullion.

Current Spot Price

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